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What is so special about Maple Leaf Fudge?

We’ve been using our homemade recipe for over 50 years, with real butter, by hand in copper kettles and on marble slabs. No mass production, so the quality is controlled every step of the way. Plus, our recipe is our secret. Shhh!

How long does fudge stay fresh?

Once purchased, the fudge remains at its highest quality for 2 weeks.

Can I put fudge in the fridge?

While you may be tempted to preserve your fudge for longer than two weeks (you didn’t finish it yet!?) putting it in the fridge will only dry it out. Which leads us to the next question…

Can I freeze fudge?

Yes you can! Fudge will stay good in the freezer for over a year, and better yet, the quality and consistency will not change. You’ve just purchased ‘Future Fudge’!

I don’t have PayPal, where’s my payment option?

At the moment you can still pay with credit card using the PayPal button. No account or sign-up required. However, to make matters simpler, we will very soon be offering alternative methods to better suit your needs.

You may also pay cash/credit/debit in store, for Curbside Pickup, or cash upon delivery.

Does Maple Leaf Fudge accept EMT’s?

We do! If you prefer to send an EMT, you can do so to our e-mail address:

Please make sure to include all of your order details as well.

Can I come whenever I want for Curbside Pickup?

As long as its during the stores’ open hours which at the moment are from 10am to 5pm. Please make sure to enter the date and time during check-out in which you would like to come. However, If you need fudge at 3:30am, we cannot accommodate, although we can totally sympathize.

I live in Grimsby. Why isn’t my delivery free?

While we offer completely free delivery to Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Thorold and Chippawa, the remainder of the Niagara Region will have to place an order of $20 before tax to receive free delivery. As much as we would love to offer it free of charge to further away locations, it would result in a loss for us, and if we can’t operate, there’s no more fudge and if there’s no more fudge then…well, you get the picture.

What precautions are you taking to make my experience safer during the current Covid-19 pandemic?
  1. a) Delivery
  • All deliveries are contact-less. We will arrange an approximate delivery time with you prior to dropping it off. Package will be left outside of door and money can be left in mailbox or you may arrange your payment over the phone prior to delivery. Please make sure to select the delivery method that suits your needs upon checking out.


  1. b) Curbside Pickup
  • Come by the store and don’t even leave the comfort of your vehicle! With the addition of a wireless point of sale service, we can safely bring your order to your car and have you pay from your front seat. Please be sure to enter an ideal pick up time upon checkout.


  1. c) In-Store

– Beyond the store being well-ventilated due to our industrial grade fan in the cooking area, we have recently installed protective plexiglass in areas which customer and staff interactions take place. There is sanitizer on hand at all times for customers, social distancing guidelines, a limit of customers at any given time, and strict sanitizing methods put in place by our staff on all surfaces. Masks are now part of our uniform as well!

Where’s my Vegan Fudge? Don’t leave us hanging here!

This remains our current unsolved mystery. Our biggest issue at this point is getting non-dairy based milk that is evaporated. Evaporated milk is an integral ingredient in our recipe and plays a large part in the consistency of our fudge.

At this moment, it isn’t feasible to evaporate our own non-dairy based milk but we are working on it and hope to have it to you soon!